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Scholarship Opportunities

Clicking on a scholarship title will display information about that scholarship including scholarship criteria and deadline.

Current Scholarship Opportunities

Scholarship NameDate AvailableDeadline Date
Adams, Dr. Alma S. Scholarship 1/14/20154/30/2015
American Fuchsia Society Scholarship 4/20/20157/1/2015
Association of Environmental Professionals Scholarship 3/3/20155/1/2015
Bodine, A.W. -Sunkist Memorial Scholarship 11/17/20144/30/2015
Culinary Café & Bakery Scholarship 4/8/20155/1/2015
HACU Scholarship Program 2/17/20155/29/2015
Heinzman, Jessie HEP Scholarship 3/9/20156/19/2015
Jackson, Thomas Craige Memorial Scholarship 3/31/20155/8/2015
Lisignoli, Leona Dixon and Reno Scholarship 4/7/20155/8/2015
Lowe, Sanford Scholarship for Excellence in Critical Religious Studies 3/31/20155/8/2015
MacDonald, Jimmy Peace Officers Scholarship 4/7/20155/8/2015
McDonald, John L. M.D. Paramedic Scholarship 3/31/20156/30/2015
P.E.O. Educational Loan 3/3/20155/15/2015
P.E.O. Program for Continuing Education Grant 11/3/20145/16/2015
Shepherd, Rita Memorial Scholarship for SRJC College Skills GED Students 3/9/20155/1/2015
SRJC Environmental Horticulture Awards 4/14/20155/8/2015
SRJC Puente Transfer Scholarship 4/14/20155/1/2015
SRJC Wine Classic Culinary Arts Scholarship 3/26/20154/30/2015
SRJC Wine Classic Floral Design Scholarship 3/26/20154/30/2015
SRJC Wine Classic Hospitality Scholarship 3/26/20154/30/2015
SRJC Wine Classic Viticulture Scholarship 3/26/20154/30/2015
SRJC Wine Classic Wine Studies Scholarship 3/26/20154/30/2015
Varenna Employees Scholarship 4/13/20157/13/2015
Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. Redwood Empire Chapter #223 1/27/20155/1/2015