WE Course Evaluation

1. After completing orientation did you understand the course requirements?

2. Did the student assessement help you develop four realistic Learning Objectives?

3. Please list which 21st Century Skill(s) you utilized for your learning objectives in this course?
4. Did application of these 21st Century Work Skill(s) result in improved job site performance?

5. Was writing the student report helpful in identifying what you accomplished while enrolled in this course?

6. Were you able to apply knowledge gained from the seminars/activities to your job or personal life?

7. Did this course help contribute to your receiving increased job responsibilities, higher salary or a promotion?

8. As a result of this course, did communication with your supervisor improve?

9. Overall, was your enrollment in this course valuable or beneficial?

10. Please comment on seminar topics, scheduled times, and the seminars you attended.
11. Please comment on any activities you completed.
12. My instructor was available and responsive to me either by phone, email or in person

13. My instructor was helpful in the review / revision of my objectives.

14. My instructor explained clearly what is expected of students in this course.

15. When asked, my instructor was helpful in providing information useful to my job, career planning, or available college resources.

16. My instructor returned my student report by the 2nd site visit.

17. Overall, my learning experience with my instructor has been positive and rewarding.

18. How many times did your instructor visit your job site?
Enter only 0, 1, or 2 (enter 2 even if you had more)
19. General comments regarding my instructor.
20. I enrolled in Work Experience because it is required.

21. I enrolled in Work Experience to earn credit towards a certificate or degree.

22. I enrolled in Work Experience because it was recommended by my supervisor.

23. I enrolled in Work Experience to qualify for financial aid.

24. I enrolled in Work Experience to earn units to transfer to another college.

25. I enrolled in Work Experience to improve myself as an employee.

26. Other
27. Do you plan on enrolling in Work Experience in future semesters?

28. If no, why not?
29. What recommendations do you have that would make the course more valuable to you?
30. How I heard about the program...Friends.

31. How I heard about the program...Counselors.

32. How I heard about the program...Student Employment office.

33. How I heard about the program..Instructors.

34. How I heard about the program...In-class presentations.

35. How I heard about the program...College web site.

36. How I heard about the program...Social Media.

37. How I heard about the program...Bear Facts or on campus bulletin boards.


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